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AWGE is a creative agency created by A$AP Rocky. Designers, photographers, artists, directors, producers, and world travelers are what makes AWGE. The website only has two “rules” listed: “#1 Never reveal what AWGE Means” and “#2 When in doubt always refer to rule #1.A$AP Rocky's creative agency AWGE has stepped into collaboration with the luxury automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz.

A$AP Rocky has dropped his new single, “D.M.B.”The video was written, directed & executive produced by A$AP Rocky for AWGE. The video is described as “an ode to the classic love story, with Rocky and Rihanna depicting a true devoted couple in a loving relationship despite their circumstances.” The song is a what ASAP Rocky calls “A Ghetto Love Tale”. A love story involving Rocky and Rihanna as a pair of urban hustlers, with multiple different settings and special effects that range from Rocky getting arrested and later freed. Check out the “DMB” video!

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